Health Promotion Reloaded

For many years health promotion was operating without the guiding policy documents for it functions apart from the National Health Communication Strategy of 1999-2010 which was not well disseminated and therefore not effectively utilized. However HPU had its strength to build on and these include:

  • Existence of Policy & Strategy documents in support of Health Promotion in the Ministry
  • An existing structure to undertake health promotion activities at national and county levels
  • Integration of Health Promotion into other health service delivery activities
  • Staff that is committed
  • Committed Partners who are willing to support

HPU anticipated that by 2018, it would be the center of excellence in health communication and marketing (HCM), providing technical assistance to all partners on HP interventions. So far, with support from PS Kenya, WHO, UNICEF and other partners HPU has been able to achieve the following:

  • Developed and disseminated the documents below to guide HP practice;
  • The Health Promotion Strategy for Kenya
  • Operational Guidelines & Standards for health promotion
  • National Health Communication Guidelines
  • Formation & Operationalization of Health Promotion Advisory Committees (HPACs) at National & County levels to provide technical guidance on Health Promotion interventions
  • Working with Ministry of Health units in development of Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization activities
  • Developed both a digital (website) and physical platform (observatory) to gather, store and share Health Communication and Marketing intelligence (the HPU Centre of Excellence (CoE).

The CoE has a library which is currently being used by KMTC students who are taking the HE&P course and a conference room that is used for meetings. It also has six functional computers available for use by staff and students.

HPU was in the process of finalizing the Health Promotion monitoring and evaluation framework which when completed will greatly improve HP intervention. HPU also wishes to develop a HP policy and establish a regulatory body which will have the mandate to regulate the health promotion practice thereby improve performance.

Health Promotion Unit has and continues to work with other Units and Divisions in the ministry of health, partners and stakeholders in developing health communication interventions to equip individuals, families and communities with knowledge to empower them make informed choices and take control of their health. Health Promotion unit has been involved in ACSM activities for polio campaigns, malezi bola activities, prevention of Ebola, cholera, Marburg, other key public health intervention.

Health Promotion activities

Unicef Kenya Country Representative delivering her speech
Guiding documents developed and disseminated
Malezi Bora launch held at Ngatataek Dispensary, Kajiado County 3rd May 2017 – upscaling activities for the health of mother and child.