Health Promotion is a cross-cutting Unit mandated to provide technical leadership and coordination of Health promotion interventions in Kenya.


A nation of healthy people living in an environment free from preventable diseases.


To empower and influence individuals and communities to make informed choices for better health

Definition of Health Promotion

Health Promotion has been defined as the process of enabling communities to increase control over their health and its determinants and hence improve their health. It is a cornerstone of primary health care and a core function of public health. It is both effective and cost-effective in reducing the burden of diseases and in mitigating their social and economic impacts.

Core Functions of HPU

  • Formulation and review of national health promotion policies, standards and guidelines
  • Reorienting health services towards promotive & preventive health
  • Provision of professional & technical guidance on health promotion interventions
  • Promotion of health literacy and healthy behaviors through Information, Education and Communication
  • Advocate and foster partnerships and collaboration to advance health promotion agenda
  • Demonstrating impact of health promotion interventions
  • Conduct Research (Evidence to inform Health promotion interventions) and or collaborating with other stakeholders on the same)
  • Strengthen initiatives that promote and enhance community empowerment and participation for health and development through collaboration
  • Coordination of health promotion initiatives at all levels
  • Plan, implement, monitor and evaluate health promotion programs